X-Smart Hybrid Lithium

The Trime X-Smart Hybrid boasts 6 high efficiency LED heads illuminating a 32,291 sq ft area. Other features include an easy to use ComAp controller, dusk to dawn and 16 event 7 day digital timer and a 731 hour run time on one tank of fuel. This eco-friendly light tower has a 97% less carbon footprint and 81% less annual fuel cost compared to a metal halide tower.

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  • 97% reduction in carbon output
  • 731 run time on one tank of fuel
  • Refuel only 5 times a year
  • Advanced telematics included for 3 years
  • Mast height 26′
  • 6x100W High Efficiency LED heads
  • Illuminates over a 32,000 sq ft area
  • Kubota Z482-E4B diesel engine
  • ComAp controller
  • 1 x Lithium battery