Separation tank solution


Separation and sedimentation. The Decantation Tank X-60, is a set of 3x2000L tanks able to separate mud, oil and hydrocarbons due to a system of filtration and sedimentation.

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The X-60 filtration system, is a set of 3 x 528 gallon tanks able to separate mud, oil and hydrocarbons.

The first treatment stage consists of a sedimentation basin in which a gravimetric separation process takes place. The compounds with different specific weights to water: sand, mud, gravel, settle and accumulate at the bottom of the tank, while lighter ones (oils, fat, etc) rise to the surface.

The second filtration step is to remove oil and hydrocarbons. This is done due to gravity separation and later with an absorption filter, able to intercept the oil and hydrocarbons from the water.

Finally, the recycled water is pumped into the final separator tank and is considered clean and ready to be used again to wash down other equipment.

Contaminants should be removed by authorized companies, as this type of waste may be considered dangerous, and should be disposed of as such.

Sewage treatment systems

  • Contaminated water enters
  • Dirty water will settle
  • Removal of oils and hydrocarbons through the lamellar filter
  • Final Filter
  • The booster pump delivers the new clear water to the HP cleaner
  • Optional: Biological Treatment


These tanks can also be equipped with active purification systems. We use a heavy-duty filtration system where the wastewater is subjected to an intensive biological treatment which uses specific harmless bacteria to break organic substances dissolved in the water. The waste water is subjected to an intensive biological treatment in which, through the development of specific bacterial strains, kills dissolved organic matter and detergents. Microbial powders within the oxidation tank, a pre-set amount of micro-organisms is dosed through a dozer. The dosing pump is pre-installed and the setting is done in for the customer’s need.

The transportable purifiers X-Splash Heavy Duty use a biological purification system through effective mixtures of microbial powders, creating purified wastewater suitable for reuse without any special waste.

The Filtration Tanks are dispatched already assembled into a stainless-steel frame for ease of handling and installation. The electrical components necessary for this Heavy Filtration Tank (control panel – blower and air compressor)

Technical Specifications X-60
Dimensions 172″l x 50″w x 106″h
Dry Weight 1000 Kg
Suction pump 0,59 kW – 180 lt/min
Booster pump 0,37 kW – 5 to 40 lt/min