Wash Bay Filtration System


The X-30 filtration system is a set of 3 x 264 gallon tanks, able to separate mud, oil and hydrocarbons.

The first treatment stage consists of a sedimentation basin in which a gravimetric separation process takes place. The compounds with different specific weights to water: sand, mud, gravel, settle and accumulate at the bottom of the tank, while lighter ones (oils, fat, etc) rise to the surface. The second filtration step is to remove oil and hydrocarbons. This is done due to gravity separation and later with an absorption filter, able to intercept the oil and hydrocarbons from the water.

Finally, the recycled water is pumped into the final separator tank and is considered clean and ready to be used again to wash down other equipment.

Product Details

145″l x 40″w x 85″h
Dry Weight
1,411 lbs
Suction Pump
0.59 kW – 48 gpm
Booster Pump
0.37 kW – 1.3 to 11 gpm

Treatment System Details

  • Contaminated water enters
  • Dirty water will settle
  • Removal of oils and hydrocarbons through the lamellar filter
  • Final Filter
  • The booster pump delivers the new clear water to the HP cleaner
  • Optional: Biological Treatment