Wash Bay Filtration System


The water from the wash bay is typically made up by the presence of various types of pollutants, such as suspended solids (sands, muds, gravel, stone chips and other residues), detergents, oils and hydrocarbons. For this reason, the treatment of such wastewater requires a series of filters to remove the pollutants.

In the X-10 filtration tank, the first treatment is a sand trap, where through gravity, separation of all compounds that have a weight different to water will sink such as sand, mud and gravel. The lighter materials such as oils and hydrocarbons float to the top. The outlet pipe sucks the water from the middle point of the separator tank, preventing any overflow of the separated pollutants at the top and the bottom of the tank.

The second filtration step is to remove oil and hydrocarbons. This is done due to the gravity separation and later with an absorption filter, able to intercept the oil and hydrocarbons from the water. After this, the recycled water is pumped into the final separator tank and is considered clean and ready to be used again to wash down other equipment.

Product Details

111″l x 29″w x 40″h
Dry Weight
705 lbs
Suction Pump
0.054 kW – 4.5 gpm
Booster Pump
0.37 kW – 1.5 to 11 gpm

Treatment System Details

  • Dirty water is pumped in to the separation tank
  • Is collected most of the mud
  • Increase the filtering surface
  • The filters separate the oil from water and hydrocarbons
  • Water in the system is also cleaned up with replenished water from the mains, to cover any water lost
  • The booster pump delivers the new clear water to your pressure washer